Food & Wine: For Business & Pleasure

Wining While Business Dining:

Nothing says savvy like having a comfortable understanding of wine.

Wine knowledge adds another dimension to discreetly refined dining. A basic understanding of wine serves the business diner in portraying a well educated, confident, worldly but understated sophisticate.

The atmosphere of these seminars and workshops lend themselves well to networking opportunities, teambuilding exercises, and client appreciation events.

Get ready: each session is interactive, educational and fun.

Server presenting wine to dinerWine List Navigation: A basic understanding of how and what to order from a wine list goes a long way in terms of building client-host confidence at the business table.

The Restaurant Wine Ritual: A basic understanding about how to choose, order and inspect a wine goes a long way with respect to confidence at the business table.

Wine Tasting: Using the Left Side of your Brain 

Common Scents: Smell accounts for 80% of taste. An interactive exercise puts participants in touch with their sense of smell, opening up a whole new dimension of wine tasting.

Blind Tastings: A wine label influences perception. When a wine is tasted blind, there is no chance for preconceived notions. Tuning into varietal character as well as terroir influence, structure, and the different tastes of age focuses the brain and the palate. This exercise sharpens the senses and allows a true and unbiased conclusion to the soundness of a wine.

debra & stephan makin' wineCreate Your Own Cuvee: Blending wine is an art that takes into account the characteristics of each grape varietal. Taste a blended wine and use the individual components to either replicate or improve upon the baseline wine.


Mixing it Up

A perfect food & wine pairing is similar to a good marriage; neither partner is quite the same when the other isn’t present.

The Wine & Food Pairing Challenge:

The adventure takes shape as we taste through wines with different food components. The raw ingredients are chosen to illustrate how each palate perceives taste. The mission: to realize what it takes to make a food and a wine both taste better when enjoyed together rather than when consumed individually.


Paired Dinners:

A wine & food pairing dinner tailored to your preferences is accompanied by a verbal guide thru your tasting. Ideal for dinner parties, birthday celebrations, and wedding presents!