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Did You Know That Business Networking Is Like Growing Grapes?

Networking. It’s not just a profound concept, but it’s a dynamic word. In its root form “network”, it’s first a noun: “My network has grown in size by 50% this year.” “Networking” demonstrates its verb usage: “I plan to spend … Continue reading

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Table Mates: The Dos and Don’ts of Interacting With Your Waiter

A successful business meal can be equated to a delicate dance being performed exquisitely. The three dancers are the meal host, the guests(s), and the server(s). The dance is their seasoned, polite and attentive interactions that allow the meal to … Continue reading

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Spring, Finally! How About Some Wine?

In the Hudson Valley this year, springtime has felt more like an extended late-winter. A warm March prompted us to settle into spring extremely early, and the same could be said for the local vegetation. But when things cooled right … Continue reading

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The Moment Has Arrived: 2 More Great Recipes from Summer Sippers!

I couldn’t resist getting these recipes posted a bit earlier than promised. For one, it’s cruel and unusual punishment to make everyone wait to revisit such deliciousness, as enjoyed passionately at this month’s Spring & Summer Sippin’ wine and food … Continue reading

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D’Lish! One Special Recipe From DRIVEN’s Wine & Food Pairing Event

When DRIVEN hosts a wine & food pairing, our goal is to keep it fun and delicious above all. Just ask any of the attendees of this week’s Spring & Summer Sippin’ event if they would agree, and you might … Continue reading

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Breakfast or Dessert? The Mighty Ricotta Pancake

I’m not much of a “sweets” person and have thankfully never craved sugary flour (I typically take a pass on the cake and donuts). But on New Year’s Day, I decided to be decadently creative with our leftover ricotta cheese … Continue reading

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Wine Myth-Conceptions, Part Three: Keeping an Open Mind

Spending over a decade working as a retail wine shop manager, I was exposed to a vast sea of different wines, being fortunate enough to have tasted upwards of 20,000 of ‘em! Yet, before I even reached my 100th sip, … Continue reading

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Wine “Myth-Conceptions”, Part 1: The Truth Shall Prevail!

America: Welcome to the 21st century! -a time that is most exciting not for its technologies or music or politics, but for its beverage culture! We in the U.S. have finally woken up to and embraced the diverse world of … Continue reading

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Summer In A Bottle: The Right Wines to Drink During Grill Season

This past Memorial Day, Deb and I personally assembled our brand-new backyard gas grill, and have since been working our way through the first tank-full of propane. As we slip into mid-summer, we have much to report on the grilled … Continue reading

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The Anchin Effect: An Evening of Wine & Food Education Opens Minds

When everyone in the room is on the same page, you can just sense it. A prime example was last Wednesday evening’s gathering of 20 ladies at Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP for a little education, a little business networking, … Continue reading

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