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A-Maized By Heirloom Corn: A Barbecue Grill Experiment

Your are not mistaken if you recall me posting an article last year that blasts today’s corn for its extreme genetic modification (it’s now regulated as a pesticide rather than a food. Remember?). Well, somewhere in the center of that … Continue reading

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HINTing At Refreshment: A Delightful Summer Cocktail Recipe

Here’s something I bet you never expected: Sometimes, I actually take a pass on wine. Really. It’s true! This past weekend, for example, when summer turned up the heat and humidity on us, even a cool, crisp, acidic white or … Continue reading

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Enter Spring: Your Wine Selections For The Mild Season

If faced with the question “Which do I look forward to more: the arrival of spring or opening a great bottle of wine?”, I would sense a touch of playful rhetoric from the questioner. Choosing between two of the most … Continue reading

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