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Label Makes Me Laugh.

I’ve been obsessed with front of label ‘marketing’ these past months. I’ve been writing some serious posts for LearnVest about the ridiculousness with which consumers are bamboozled at the grocery store. As I continue further into my research, I become … Continue reading

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Chocoholics Rejoice!!

Chocolate: It’s good for you! Often, when we think of chocolate, we think of pleasure, desire, decadence, and deliciousness. Still, we fail to indulge, resisting what we feel is the guilt of consuming “wasted calories” and a product that might … Continue reading

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Salty Solutions

Salt is becoming a four letter word in my mind. There is so much “bad stuff” linked to high sodium diets I want to eject salt from my life- but I know better. Salt is also a magical enhancer, if … Continue reading

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Put Down The Drinks To Lose Weight

Do you want to lose 10-20 pounds in a year without giving up a bite of food? My motto is “drink nothing but water and wine”…with some exceptions. Many beverages have an obscene amount of sugar added to them. Sugar … Continue reading

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Maximize Your Meat Investment.

Preparing meat at home? You’re investing some bucks in the raw material. Make the most of your purchase with 11 easy guidelines: 1. Let your meat come to room temperature before cooking it- take it out of the refrigerator about … Continue reading

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