Modern Business Etiquette

Soft Skills Development was recommended by Forbes as one of the 8 ways to Increase Millennial Productivity In The Workplace.


New hires are thrown into an office culture, unique to every organization, without understanding the implied expectations of vetted colleagues.
Furnish associates with the ‘full package’ – technical skills for professional success and soft skills for lifetime success. Our workshops and training sessions are highly interactive, substantive and instantly applicable. These innovative sessions double as entertainment and ‘face time’ opportunities.

Interactions 101: Networking for Newbies
Confidently navigating a networking event is a huge first step in building a network. Technique and strategy is key to success.
Transition Tools: The Conversion from Campus Life to Corporate Life
Details of a trade may be learned during the course of higher education, but professionals also need to be versed in appropriate soft skills to obtain corporate success and advancement.
Communication Courtesies in Corporate Culture
Many forms of communication are available to conduct business. Situation dictates the appropriateness and effectiveness of the medium used.
Etiquette Expectations at the Office
How to play well with others comes back from pre-school to an office environment…but there was no shared fridge or cubicles in pre-school

As responsibilities grow with a job, so does the need for soft skills nuance.

Network Building
A networking event is only the first step in building your network. Creating a strong network is a time-consuming art, that will ultimately pay for itself when accomplished effectively. A three step series will give emerging leaders the tools they need to manage a strong network once they’ve collected those business cards at networking events.

Building Your Brand
How would co-workers describe you? How do you want to be thought of by colleagues? What sets you apart from others in your field? Utilize your assets to create a lasting impression.

Leadership Development
Organizations feel they are only capable of delivering two-thirds of the leaders their organizations will require in the coming 3 to 5 years.

-Aberdeen Institute

Leaders have skills and strengths in common that need to be learned and practiced- to be perfected. Becoming mindful of skills and incorporating them into daily routine sets a foundation for future leaders.