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The Secret to a Successful Career

Research from Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation and The Stanford Research Institute shows that “Technical skills account for only 15 % of the reason a person gets a job, keeps a job, or advances in a job; and the rest comes from “people” skills such as etiquette and communication.”

Building Relationships: Successful careers are based on developing relationships. Most bonding isn’t done in the board room, but in the dining room and thru effective networking.

Strategic Dining℠ 

Professionals will dine with colleagues and clients for the duration of their career. Yet techniques regarding business dining are not taught at home or in school. Emily Post is classic, but at a business meal, the tables are somewhat turned; traditional etiquette isn’t enough to ensure a successful meeting (a.k.a. ROI) over a meal.

“Being uneasy, not knowing how to navigate a lunch, dinner or reception, can cause one to lose that all-important focus needed for a successful business outcome.”*

*© Nancy Mitchell, owner of The Etiquette Advocate


passing a biz cardBuilding and utilizing an active network is one of the secrets to professional success. This takes time, creativity, and know how. Networking only begins with a handshake. Learn how to compose a tailored plan to attain the important position of connector in your network.

Modern Business Etiquette: IQ vs. EQ

Emotional Intelligence: a notional measure of a person’s adequacy in such areas as self-awareness, empathy, and dealing sensitively with other people.

Also known as soft skills: Self-management skills and people skills: where the rules changes depending on the company culture and the people you work with.

Not taught in school- but vital for career success.

CIMG4698Wine Seminars

Wine knowledge adds another dimension to discreetly refined dining. A basic understanding of wine and insight into restaurant wine rituals serve the business diner in portraying a well educated, confident, worldly but understated sophisticate. Bonus: This information can be used in personal life too! The atmosphere of these seminars and workshops lend themselves well to networking opportunities, team building exercises, and client appreciation events.