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Pork Fried Rice: The Gourmet Version

Deborah has done it again! After a week of decadent dining in NYC together, and packing on a few late-winter pounds, we decided that the weekend’s meals should be lean, heading toward vegetarian, but no less exotic and decadent. Out … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Chocolates….The Next Generation

With Valentine’s Day sneaking closer, we all find ourselves scrambling for the sexier, more thoughtful chocolate alternative to those big, clunky, heart shaped boxes that you obviously grabbed last minute at the pharmacy. Our significant others (or secretly admired) deserve … Continue reading

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East Meets West: Witnessing the Croatian Wine Renaissance

For various reasons, Americans on the whole haven’t until recently embraced the wines of Central/Eastern Europe. Understandably so, as throughout the 20th century, many political, economic, and environmental factors had negative impacts on the quality and reputation of their wines. … Continue reading

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All Screwed Up: The Wine Closure Debate Stagnates

Hearing the intro to a radio show segment last week on NPR’s All Things Considered regarding the screw cap revolution had my ears perked way up. I have been an advocate of this handsome alternative to the traditional cork closure … Continue reading

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Premium Valentine’s Day Bubbles- Priced For Any Wallet.

Introducing Farmer Fizz While preparing for this Valentine’s Day, before you reach for that popular yellow-labeled Champagne to enjoy with your special someone, consider some sparkling facts. In the past, wines like the aforementioned were a “safe bet” for any … Continue reading

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Bringing Neutral Back: The Fragrance Faux Pas

Avoid being an amateur diner in just one easy step. Picture it: You’re a perfume expert, and you’re the buyer for several prestigious accounts…..perhaps for the royal couple before their wedding. You find yourself at an intimate trade show of … Continue reading

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