The Show-Up: Conveying Your Business Values in One Swift Move

As we run around frantically from meeting to meeting, bobbing and weaving through our business day on the street, our minds can sometimes work against us. The more coordinates we jam into our schedules, the more time our brains spend trapped in the past and the future, treating the present as an afterthought.

When I deliver workshops, seminars or addresses about Strategic DiningSM, I always stress how important it is to take a moment, breathe, and come to the present before walking into a business meal. This clearing of the mind should include reviewing your personal goals of the meeting while predicting what the other diners’ agendas might entail. Such an exercise is essential for influencing the direction of the approaching business conversation.

An Additional Consideration

For those of you who are ready to take their business presence to the next level, I’m pleased to announce a supplementary point to consider before you walk into that meal, meeting, or networking event. Perhaps even more important than all other aspects is being mindful of how you want to “show up”. We all show up differently depending on the scenario. But by making the way we show up deliberate, instead of swayed by mood or circumstance, we visibly deliver a premeditated message. For instance, did you have a rough start to your day that threw you off-focus? Or, did you just receive a message that your plans will be altered later that afternoon? Learning to re-channel such past/future stressors so you can be fully in the moment when you show up can make or break your impact at the meeting.

You Can Pull It Off

What do you want people to say after meeting you or working with you? What are your most cherished values, and how do you convey them? You can also think long-term. What would you want people to say at your retirement party? A solid way to start is by thinking of three adjectives you would desire people to use when describing you. Think about yourself, meditate on your standards and principles, make your list, and then show up with confidence!

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