Pots? Who Needs ’em?

Sammie in SkilletIt’s still October, and it happened again: I got home late, feeling starved, but had no time or energy to prepare a complex meal, let alone clean a bunch of pots. But before I even opened the refrigerator door, I knew I was safe. In a way, it’s exciting not knowing what you’re going to be eating in ten minutes, but knowing that it will be scrumptious, healthy and satisfying. Watch as simplicity unfolds.

Schhhwing went the fridge door, revealing the few but fearsome ingredients that would soon compose a one-pan, no-utensil meal that earned its name only after it was served. Out came:

-A hunk of Gruyere cheese

-Half a jar of roasted red peppers

-An avocado

-Half a loaf of whole grain bread

Through sheer instinct, these ingredients converged in a skillet and became a Gruyere, Roasted Pepper and Avocado Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread. Try it yourself, and think of it as a creative take on the classic grilled cheese sandwich (improvise as you wish): Heat ½ tbsp of olive oil to medium in the skillet while cutting off 2 slices of bread and 4 thin squares of Gruyere. Then half the avocado and slice one half into 6-8 smaller slices. Do the same with one of the roasted peppers. Place the cheese onto one bread slice, and then onto the heated skillet, cheese side up. Spread out the avocado slices onto the other bread slice, topped by the roasted pepper slices, and place onto the skillet as well. When the Gruyere is gently bubbling, you’re as good as done! With a spatula, marry the two sandwich halves, slide it onto a plate, and serve yourself.

The clean-up is easier than with take-out, and you’ll revel in the notion that YOU were in control of the ingredients.

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