A Failed Business Opportunity

Author: The Micro Niche Method

Author: The Micro Niche Method

Recently I arranged a lunch for two people who I knew and thought that there were great opportunities for them to work together. The first few minutes of the lunch went really well – my two guests were laughing and getting to know each other. Than one of them asked a question that is almost always asked at these types of meetings – tell me about what you do? The answer to this question was basically a 35 minute monolog. By the end of the monolog the energy was out of the meeting and after a few minutes the meal ended with no clear next steps and no excitement. I would call this meeting a failure.
My advice is that you should be able to passionately communicate what you do in less than two minutes and with a scrap of paper. If you have business lunches this is an important tool to invest the time and effort to do it well.

MicroNicheCoverDraft6-30-12David Wolfskehl is the Author of The Micro Niche Method. His organization focuses on helping organizations increase their business development success by developing growth and premium pricing strategies as well as training the team to be effective. Please feel free to reach out to David @ david@themicronichemethod.com or 908 393 2722

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