Landing The Plane – A Restaurant Tip for Hosts

Restaurants have different protocols, but many high end eateries will not bring the check to the table until it is specifically requested. More than one host of a business meal has looked awkward at the end of a meal- uncertain of what to do; kinda like anticipating a kiss after a first date. The host is uncomfortably waiting for the check to come, and doesn’t understand why the server asks periodically ‘is there anything else I can get for you?’

A savvy host mitigates all uncertainty by giving a credit card to the server before the guest arrives. This acts both to preclude any potential embarrassment at the end of the meal, and to expedite the end of the meal.

When the host ascertains that meal is complete and the server asks ‘is there anything else I can bring you’, the host can confidently say ‘Thank you, just the check’…and then await the surprised and impressed look of the guest.

We’ve named this ‘landing the plane’.

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