Timing is Everything: Even to Maximize Health Benefits.

The benefits of everyday habits can be maximized when mindfully timed.

Here are three examples of how to get the most out of everyday activities:

1. Drinking water throughout the day is important, but concentrated hydration first thing in the morning brings on extra credit benefits. Most importantly, we’re all slightly dehydrated when we wake up. Logic tells us that we tend not to hydrate before bed!

Besides being dehydrated, water in the morning helps flush out toxins that have built up over night, kick starts the old metabolism, helps you keep regular, and even lowers the likeliness of heartburn. Bottoms up!

2. Snacking on fresh fruit in the mid afternoon gives you the jolt you need to get past the circadian tendency to need a nap at about 4pm. Natural sugar is a cleaner burst of energy than a Snickers bar or another cup of coffee. Besides, it helps you achieve the USDA’s suggested goal of 5-9 servings of vegetables and fruits each day.

3. Drinking chocolate milk after exercise is the ideal reward. Not only does it taste great, it packs a powerful punch in replenishing nutrients and energy stored in your muscles while aiding in muscle recovery. Do yourself a favor, and use 1% milk; tasty treat without all of the fat.

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