Hosting a Meal: Play the Role of Director ‘til the Bitter End

In the past I have compared Strategic Dining℠ to a game of basketball. Today, I’d like to offer the concept of host as herder.

At the end of a business meal, or any meal for that matter, goodbyes can be a prolonged experience. People tend to flock out of a restaurant, not aware of their new surroundings. In most cases this change of scenery spills out onto a public side walk, or worse, a parking lot.

As an astute host, beckoning the others in your party away from the restaurant entrance or the middle of a sidewalk thoroughfare will score you some major points. Some in your party will notice your environmental awareness. Certainly other pedestrians will be grateful. Bonus points for keeping your absent-minded potential client from straying into a valet driver’s path!

As the host of this event, see your duties through to the end, even if it means hailing a taxi for an out of town guest.

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