Label Makes Me Laugh.

I’ve been obsessed with front of label ‘marketing’ these past months. I’ve been writing some serious posts for LearnVest about the ridiculousness with which consumers are bamboozled at the grocery store. As I continue further into my research, I become more and more angry, HOW can these companies get away with their marketing shenanigans.

But one day, I broke down and laughed so hard, I cried- right in the milk aisle. I was weighing which brand of organic milk I should buy to make my famous fresh ricotta cheese and my eye paused, and then became glued on a popular brand on the shelf. Organic Valley boasts the most ridiculous claim I’ve ever seen: “Our Cows Love Pasture”.

WHAT? Did they interview the cows? Were these bovines given a multiple choice test? Was it a true or false poll?

After I stopped laughing, I once again committed myself to not just accept everything I read (bad habit from childhood) and actively question packaging. I just wonder WHY marketers treat the public like children who believe in Santa. How about a substantive fact on the carton to position themselves as the healthful choice? Organic Valley is, in fact, one of the better examples of an organic dairy – don’t insult the intelligence of consumers that care about eating healthfully.





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2 Responses to Label Makes Me Laugh.

  1. lola says:

    what, there’s no santa?

  2. admin says:

    I’m sorry, Lola! I was hesitant to reveal my belief that there is, in fact, no santa. But I can not prove that!

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