Prix Fixe Trickery

A follow up to the Valentine’s Day post: a quick peak into a current concept that’s been popping up with Prix Fixe menus.

These coursed meals are a fantastic foodie opportunity to experience different dishes with budgetary confidence. After all, the bottom line is printed on, well, the bottom line. Paired with wine, a diner’s experience can be a culinary five star adventure.

Sadly, we’ve begun to notice many instances where the prix fixe menu has become another victim of crafty marketers. When I recently read about a beloved ‘upstate’ restaurant’s next Sunday Evening Seasonal Table billed as ‘served in Five Courses’, I almost cried when I saw that two of the courses were coffee service and the amuse bouche! And this is not an isolated incident.

An amuse bouche, or lagniappe, is a little treat to wake up your palate. It’s a one bite delight. The fact it’s being credited as a course is baffling, as it’s been historically offered as a compliment from the kitchen.

Just some food for thought when weighing what you want from a dining-out adventure on Valentine’s Day, or any other day.

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