Green and Clean.

Consuming greens daily, is oh, so important for your health. I find those who don’t like greens fall into two camps. Those who just don’t like the taste of fresh, real “green” food- like a few of my closest relative…and those who have chomped into grit due to poorly cleaned vegetables.

Here’s a fool proof way of cleaning greens. Enjoy your rabbit-like tendencies…perpetually!

Put herbs or stemmed greens to soak in a huge bowl, so they are floating, like spiders doing the backstroke. This way, the dirt can sink to the bottom. Stir the pile up a couple of times to really shake the dirt off. Let the greens settle for at least 10 minutes.

NOW: Here’s the make or break moment. Scoop the greens out of the bowl. Do not, please, do not pour the water over the greens, this just sprinkles that grit right back over what you’ve just worked to clean.

This works for herbs, lettuce, broccoli Rabe, kale…any green that needs to be cleaned. For larger leafy things, I soak the greens up to three times to ensure no grit in the finished product.

Celebrate being green!

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