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Salt is becoming a four letter word in my mind. There is so much “bad stuff” linked to high sodium diets I want to eject salt from my life- but I know better. Salt is also a magical enhancer, if applied correctly to a dish, the food “pops”.

Here are a couple of things to keep mindful of in regard to sodium intake:

Processed foods are LOADED with sodium. Seventy-five to eighty-five percent of our sodium intake comes from processed foods. Question verbiage on the front labels of packaged foods. Lower sodium means there is 25% less sodium than in the products “fully loaded” version- but that doesn’t mean LOW sodium. For accurate insight, look at nutritional panels on foods you buy at the store. Keep in mind portion size- a portion of canned soup is half of the can.

Fast food is a great treat. Treat means occasional. Fast food is loaded with, in many cases, more sodium than you need for your whole day. Look on line for fast food nutritional values. Make this a habit; teach it to your kids. Go to the restaurant’s web site and choose healthful choices before you walk into the restaurant.

Home Cooking is healthiest since you control what is going into a dish. Measure a portion of the daily recommended allowance of salt and put it on the counter in the morning. Use this during the day when you’re cooking. This is a guide- take away any salt from the pile that you consume elsewhere. The portion to begin with is 1 teaspoon- that’s TEASPOON. And that’s the top of the scale for what’s recommended daily. If you have a cup of soup for lunch, take away half that salt…being aware of salt intake allows you to take action.

1 Teaspoon is on the high side of what the FDA recommends daily

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  1. lola says:

    my one son eats nothing that’s good. just white things. but he was eating this one totally plain brand of pasta sauce. i forgot which. i tasted it one day, and i told kevin, god that is so salty. each tablespoon had 880mg of sodium. i had a fit. so we finished that jar up, and that was that. we’re trying new brands, all having lower sodium than that. i am going to try and make my own this summer, and strain the “gross stuff” out. but can you believe that? ketchup is better for you than that.
    okay, dg, there’s my rant about too much salt.

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