What is Goldie’s Table Matters?

In Business. A successful professional imagines how she wants to show up, and makes it so. Goldie’s Table Matters (GTM) assists in ‘making it so’. With a focus on Strategic Dining– to maximize the opportunities at a business meal, and Network Management – because leveraging a network is not an innate skill, GTM works with clients to progressively develop their soft skills as they sharpen technical skills.

In Life. The secret to a successful life is cherishing yourself and your loved ones. What we feed our families and ourselves is the cornerstone to our health and wellbeing. A true understanding of buying and preparing healthful food can be confusing and truly scary. GTM provides tools to prepare food with confidence – whether it be for everyday sustenance or to ‘wow’ family and friends.

It’s not what you know.
It’s not who you know.
Success equates to what YOU bring to the table…
In Business and in Life

Goldie’s Table Matters Workshops: Leaving Participants Hungry for More.

GTM offers a menu of services to enhance what you bring to the table, professionally and personally.

GTM weekly blog: Soft skills support is right at your fingertips along with healthful recipes to ensure you keep things fun and fresh at the meal table.
Then there’s wine guidance, to determine what you like to drink, why you like to drink it and how to acquire great juice! Ironic— wine comes in handy for business and pleasure!

Check out our sister business:

DRIVEN Professionals (DRIVEN): The Source for Smart Living





DRIVEN to empower motivated professionals to live more productive, engaged and energized lives.

Community members will:

▪ Develop Corporate Emotional Intelligence.
▪ Experience professional development through a female-focused lens.
▪ Build relationships with motivated professionals in a variety of industries.
▪ Examine modern challenges and benefit from peer mentoring.
▪ Live richer lives! Participate in social events: benefiting the body, spirit, mind, & soul.

Programs address a woman holistically, with perspective of ‘the big picture’, and offer tools to manage life, leadership and energy issues. An engaged and healthy employee translates to company profit and prestige!

DRIVEN empowers women to embrace & enhance natural strengths.