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The Ultimate Dining Experience.

It’s as easy as making a reservation at a top restaurant…but at home you know your table will be ready on time, you can choose your ideal menu, you are assured personalized, fully focused service, your guests have a ball & learn about wine, and WE do the dishes!

Great idea for business too! Think client appreciation events, team building activities and professional development programs.

Wine Education as a Life Long Study: Exploring Wine in Context

Wine and Food Component Tastings

Wine BottlesThe Wine & Food Pairing Challenge: The adventure takes shape as we taste through wines with different food components. The raw ingredients are chosen to illustrate how each palate perceives taste. The mission: to realize what it takes to make a food and a wine both taste better when enjoyed together rather than when consumed individually.

Wine Dinners

Explore the depths wine can take you to when matched with foods. Understanding the many strategies of pairing dishes is a journey that begins with some basics. A menu and wines will be paired according to the client’s tastes and goals for the dinner. No matter the studiousness of the participants, the end result is a great meal with a little education. The only limitation- how many friends will fit around your dinner table!

Brown Bag Tastings

Blind Wine TastingChallenge your palate. A wine label influences perception. When a wine is tasted blind, there is no chance for preconceived notions. Tuning in to varietal character as well as terroir influence, structure and the different tastes of age focuses the brain and the palate. This exercise sharpens the senses and allows a true and unbiased conclusion to the soundness of a wine.