Home Kitchen Management

Committed to taking optimal care of yourself and your loved ones?

  • Keeping healthful staples on hand encourages effortless everyday healthy meals.
  • Learn techniques to cook quickly and healthfully for your family – no matter what your level of cooking skills.
  • Kitchen Safety is as important as quality of ingredients. Roughly 48 million people get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die, annually, from foodborne diseases. (CDC) Much of this happens in home kitchens.

Some of our most popular topics:

    • Kitchen 101: Shopping strategies, cooking basics, utilizing leftovers & kitchen safety are the first steps in kitchen management – and enjoyment.
    • One Pot Cooking: Make well-balanced meals for the family. Your reward: only one pot to clean!
  • Cooking for a Week: Devote 90 minutes on a Sunday to cooking and put 5-6 healthful, wholesome meals on the table during the weekday mayhem.
  • Fresh Market Cuisine™: Utilizing local produce is ideal for all involved; the farmer, you as the purchaser, and certainly your family as consumers. When you begin to think seasonally, you embrace even the middle of winter as a great time to enjoy fresh produce.
  • Fill the Freezer: It’s a fact, cooking for four or eight takes the same amount of time. Pack your freezer; it’s the most energy sound way of operating the unit (unlike the fridge, which should be loosely packed). Learn to cook what freezes well!
  • Throwing a Dinner Party: Prepare a beautiful spread and be a guest at your own event!
  • Cookin’ with the Kids: Pick up easy & healthy recipe ideas designed for youngins’ to participate. Many hands make great memories.
  • Teens & Young Adults: Quick, healthful, inexpensive, and scalable for crowds.

Cooking With Love

Cooking at home is fun, economical and so much more healthful than dialing for dinner. Utilizing local and organic foods, avoiding processed products and learning how to organize your cooking equates to a win-win situation for all of your loved ones.