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D’Lish! One Special Recipe From DRIVEN’s Wine & Food Pairing Event

When DRIVEN hosts a wine & food pairing, our goal is to keep it fun and delicious above all. Just ask any of the attendees of this week’s Spring & Summer Sippin’ event if they would agree, and you might … Continue reading

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A View To A Grill: Our Springtime Repurposing Of The Barbecue

In early April, a short vacation found me in a place and predicament where a temporarily odd diet was in order. You see, my recent departure from consuming seafood (the result of a strange intolerance to one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Wine Myth-Conceptions, Part Three: Keeping an Open Mind

Spending over a decade working as a retail wine shop manager, I was exposed to a vast sea of different wines, being fortunate enough to have tasted upwards of 20,000 of ‘em! Yet, before I even reached my 100th sip, … Continue reading

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Wine “Myth-Conceptions”, Part 2: The Meaning of Organic

Perhaps the most exciting revolution to occur in wine since being embraced by the American consumer is the post-modern advent of natural, sustainable, chemical-free vineyard farming. During the 20th century, traditional vineyard practices gave way to conventional grape-growing with the … Continue reading

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Wine “Myth-Conceptions”, Part 1: The Truth Shall Prevail!

America: Welcome to the 21st century! -a time that is most exciting not for its technologies or music or politics, but for its beverage culture! We in the U.S. have finally woken up to and embraced the diverse world of … Continue reading

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Summer In A Bottle: The Right Wines to Drink During Grill Season

This past Memorial Day, Deb and I personally assembled our brand-new backyard gas grill, and have since been working our way through the first tank-full of propane. As we slip into mid-summer, we have much to report on the grilled … Continue reading

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The Anchin Effect: An Evening of Wine & Food Education Opens Minds

When everyone in the room is on the same page, you can just sense it. A prime example was last Wednesday evening’s gathering of 20 ladies at Anchin, Block & Anchin LLP for a little education, a little business networking, … Continue reading

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It’s Easy Bean Green: A Serious Seasonal Salad

At any given time of the mild season, there are specific flavors and textures that converge to create practical home meals with real dimension, and nutrition to match. Goldie’s late spring concoction makes my mouth water just at the thought … Continue reading

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Mom Deserves The Best: Chocolate It Is!

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s time to put some thought into a special gift, without necessarily putting too much time into it (don’t worry….we won’t tell Mom). My suggestion: chocolate! But not just any-old commercial chocolate from a pharmacy impulse … Continue reading

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The Wine Insiders: Three Classy Euro Whites to Seek Out

Attending high-profile wine trade tastings is one way that Deborah and I stay current on what’s hot in our vast wine market. Tasting season is fully underway in NYC, home to perhaps the most immense wine distribution system in the … Continue reading

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