When Things Go Wrong at the Business Meal, Part Two: Hidden Opportunities

Even when all goes smoothly at the business meal, and all the pieces fall into place…never discount the potential for the classic “uncomfortable situation” to suddenly arise. A favorite of mine is the ever-popular “spinach-stuck-in-the-teeth situation”. Who hasn’t been a victim of unknowingly sporting a distracting leafy green morsel in their smile while trying to impress? But the more relevant question for you is: who hasn’t been sitting across from the person sporting the spinach? Believe it or not, there is a Strategic Dining℠ etiquette guideline for this scenario. Before I unveil it, check out the following “spinach-in-the-teeth” statistics, and decide where you fall in.

According to Career Builder:

  • 66 % of colleagues at your same level say they would tell you about the spinach
  • 60 % say they would alert only a lower-level worker
  • Only 49 % would tell a higher-up.

I contend that you should feel free to tell someone when they have spinach stuck in their teeth (or an herb, or any other clinging edible offender), not just to save the person further embarrassment, but as an opportunity to build rapport and trust!

I offer my reasoning in this short video: The philosophical side of spinach in the teeth

Do you tell someone when they have spinach in their teeth?

Above all, you might first consider whom you are spending time with!

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