Murray’s After Dark: My Cheese-Filled Adventure at the Expanded Murray’s on Bleecker

IMG_1845Through our Base Hits to Better Health℠ series, Goldie’s Table Matters educates people to eat healthfully. This is no easy feat in an era of slick marketers and self-help gurus who’ve charmed us into believing their ridiculous claims of instant diet success. GTM freely and vocally supports products, brands and establishments with likeminded philosophies about healthful eating. “Eat real food in moderation, and enjoy a decadent diet”. Murray’s Cheese Shop is one of these like-minded institutions.

I’ve been enjoying Murray’s selections since the ‘90’s, when they were located exclusivelyIMG_1856 on the northwest corner of Cornelia and Bleecker Street. I’d walk in, and marvel at the heavenly cheese stink that filled the room (my favorite perfume!). The charming and wise Cielo Perilla has been my guide from the very first visit, and remains my cheese sage to this day. Now that Murray’s has a Grand Central Terminal outpost, I seldom leave the city without stopping at Murray’s, and if time allows, a trip to Bleeker St and a chat with Cielo. He, like the rest of the Murray’s staff, understands the difference between commercial, preservative-laden products and the natural, healthful, more delicious alternative. It is his passion, and he’s a natural at sharing it.

Celebrating The Next Chapter for Murray’s


My good friend and colleague Megan enjoys the festivities with me last Thursday.

I was honored and a bit giddy with excitement when I received an invitation to Murray’s friends and family evening to celebrate the expansion of their already fabulous downtown shop. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Murray’s has found a way to offer a wider, but not redundant selection of fine foods. They’ve added more than 300 new items, the olive bar is now self-serve, there’s a new yogurt bar, and the shelves are stocked with artisanal condiments, crackers and chocolates. They’re now boasting a killa’ grilled cheese sandwich and a mac ‘n’ cheese croquette, both of which I sampled in a blissful episode of indulgence. To tie it all together, Murray’s stands by their devotion to excellence through education, and has now doubled their learning space to include two classrooms.

I was honored to be part of their celebration, and continue to relish in my self-appointed IMG_1852role as Murray’s ambassador to greater New York. Most of the functions I organize, whether via Goldie’s Table Matters, Women’s Advancement Compact, or my own personal gatherings, include a selection of Murray’s cheeses, cured meats and accompaniments. Check out the newly-expanded Murray’s, and experience for yourself the passion and detail with which they gather the world’s greatest artisanal products. Free evening tastings will continue for everyone through June 30th. Here’s to a healthful future!

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