Self Love: Make Each Day A Birthday

Kayak Trip on Oscawana First Time Spring 2014Having just marked my birthday, I was reminded of the birthday ritual my wise and wonderful cousin Ross shared with me as a teenager. Once a year, on his birthday, Ross does something good for his body, his mind, his spirit and his soul. I’ve always appreciated the concept, and have tried to abide by this ritual ever since his words of inspiration and self-love were planted in my brain.

This year, my birthday began with treating my body to some morning kayaking….a luxury new to me, as I’d recently moved to a lovely lake community. Alone on the still lake, silent but for nature’s music and the stroke of my paddle, this secular girl felt profoundly moved, blessed. The realization was born that I should be doing something good for my body, my mind, my spirit, and my soul every day. Why on Earth not?

My ReBirthday

Women, especially, have a hard time effectively digesting the concept of self-care. But my epiphany on that lake was my detachment from such stigma, enlightening me to just how healthy Ross’ mindset is for the individual. By taking care of myself, I can better take care of my loved ones, colleagues, and constituents….a spiritual interpretation, of sorts, for the oxygen mask advice on airplanes.

On this birthday, meditation fed my soul, kayaking was the prescription for my body, a virtual session studying with Mighty Wise Academy was my brain food, and a SEEK Safely board meeting lifted my spirit. My celebration was ideal, and cake and presents hadn’t even entered the picture yet. And the most exciting part: I won’t be waiting an entire year to repeat the process. The new goal is to practice self-love each day of my life.Kayak Trip On Oscawana First Time Spring 2014.2

Whether it’s your birthday or not, give yourself the gift of self-love. You’ll truly be celebrating life, and you’ll be providing for others in the process.

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  1. Susan Wagner says:

    I really like the part about taking care of yourself. If you are taken care of, you are strong to help & love those around you. Well done!

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