Mom Deserves The Best: Chocolate It Is!

With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s time to put some thought into a special gift, without necessarily putting too much time into it (don’t worry….we won’t tell Mom). My suggestion: chocolate! But not just any-old commercial chocolate from a pharmacy impulse shelf. How does hand-crafted, elegantly presented, single-origin chocolate from a small, artisan chocolatier sound?

Well, I gotta guy. You might have noticed a mention of our strategic partner David Bacco Chocolatier in our Valentine’s Day blog post, complete with tasting notes on 6 of David’s single-origin chocolate bar selections, each written by Deb and me during a blissful sugar rush. Let me remind you once again, with Mother’s Day as a backdrop, of how special these treats are. See our own tasting notes below on 6 additional Bacco bars, and remember that David Bacco’s website will tempt you way beyond the bar format, with made-to-order chocolate confections that are exciting for Mom, and appropriate as corporate gifts and wedding favors as well. Check it out, get your orders in, and include a few treats for yourself. Happy Mother’s Day!

Guanaja 80% Bittersweet

Perky, yet tannic, with a dark roasted coffee and cigar wrapper profile. Pleasantly bitter, but remains fruity.

Dominican Republic 74% Organic Bittersweet

Fragrant, fruity and silky, with suede leather, pipe tobacco and burdock root notes. Unique and impressive, this is one of our favorite of Bacco’s 12 bar selections.

Ecuador 70% Spicy Chili

Robust, smoky earth and wood. Dramatic, with a building heat in the throat. Crescendos with an exotic chipotle linger.

Bolivia 68% Wild Dark

Tangy and high-toned. Citrusy freshness with exotic spice notes. Very lengthy flavor, characterized by florality and lychee fruit hints.

Madagascar 64%

Raisiny aromas. The bittersweet palate echoes dried figs, fruit preserves and nuts, despite the lack of actual fruit and nuts as ingredients. A serious chocolate with a remarkable sense of place.

Jade 40% Fleur de Sel

Decadently creamy, with an eggy richness. The intense sweetness is offset by a classy ambush of salt on the finish. Very lengthy flavors spoil the senses.

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  1. Jezra Kaye says:

    I sure hope my daughter or husband are reading this post! 🙂

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