Two Minute Dinner – A No Pot Meal

Salsa is a nutritious snack that is low in calories.

Choose your favorite salsa!

When I cook whole wheat pasta to toss into a dish, I often make extra. A pint of plain whole wheat penne in the fridge makes it effortless to throw together a quick lunch or dinner when time is scarce. I usually combine the pasta in a frying pan with some garlic, a few veggies, some leftover beans, and…Voila! Instant meal— quick, easy, healthy.

Case-in-point: Last week I returned home at 9:40pm from a day of meetings, a networking event, and a cocktail with my neighbor, only to find an empty fridge and an emptier stomach. I had some cooked pasta and leftover beans in the fridge, along with a shrinking lime, a little nub of parmesan and a couple of hairy carrots. Arghhhh!

9:41pm: I had a brainstorm! In the cupboard, I had a jar of chipotle salsa. I combined the pasta and beans in a bowl, mixed in 2/3 cup of the salsa, and slammed the microwave door. After just enough time to grate the parm, the microwave beeped. As soon as the parm was stirred in, I enjoyed a high-fiber, one-dish healthy meal! The salsa even constitutes as a vegetable (then again, so does ketchup, but salsa is so much sassier!).

What no-pot meals do you count on?

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