Living In The Present

Are you running against your own force?

Are you running against time and your own force?

We, as a society, are routinely in a rush and perpetually pressed for time. We’re always running, always thinking about what we need to do – or kicking ourselves because of what we should have done. We go through our days so distracted, its no wonder we feel like time flies.

We forget about being present. This means not only slowing down to smell the flowers, but focusing on the actual aroma of the flowers.

So here’s a challenge: Live in the present. Be aware. Focus fully on a task, or pleasure at hand.

Easier said than done, right?
Here are some habits I’ve incorporated into my daily routine to bring myself to the present:

• Before I get out of bed in the morning, I pinpoint the three most important tasks to accomplish during the day, and as I lay my head down to go to sleep, I review the days successes.
• When I enter or leave any home or public space with a mezuzah, as I touch the symbol, I check in with myself and focus on the activity at hand.
• When I check my coat at a restaurant or before a networking event and receive a ticket, I push everything out of my head to either focus on a delicious meal, my dining companion, or listening to people and ascertaining how I can help them. BONUS TIP: I always put my coat check ticket in the same place… so I don’t fumble for it upon exit.
• When I’m at a computer and I hit ‘save’ (more is better), I check in with myself about my posture.
• When I work out I think about how each motion is helping the target muscle. I’m completely in the moment, and can feel my muscles work.

What are some techniques you use to remain in the present?

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