Don’t be Embarrassed to Order Tap Water

Have you ever detected that certain challenge in a server’s delivery of what has become a standard question at high end restaurants: “would you like still or sparkling water”? Then after a pregnant pause, for effect, they will finish the sentence: “…or tap”.

I feel at times it’s a bullying technique. My heart goes out to some diners, who I will forever think of as ‘guests’, going to a restaurant for a special occasion; they’ve saved for the experience, they are in an environment that is not natural to them, and then they are pressured to spend $20 on WATER!

Have you had your 8 cups of water today?

Have you had your 8 cups of water today?

Here are some thoughts about our* water, perhaps the best tasting water in the nation.

  • At a New York restaurant a bottle of water costs up to $8.
  • At some restaurants, servers will not ask you about additional bottles of water…they’ll just keep pouring!
  • The FDA has finally (April-12) implemented some Current Good Manufacturing Practices for bottled water.
  • Some bottled water is regulated LESS than “Bloomberg” water.
  • There is no fluoride in bottled water.
  • DRINKING TAP WATER IS GREEN, bottles need to be recycled.

Next time the question comes up about what type of water you’d like, proudly order NYC tap water.
Your reward: spend an extra Hamilton, or Jackson, on your wine.

*We are blessed, here in NYC – please note that in many parts of the world you shouldn’t even trust the ice cubes! Check out your cities water rating.

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