Brussel Sprouts, Delicata Squash, and Sausage

As much as I’m sad that summer is now a memory, I am always motivated by the autumn bounty. Although I didn’t get my fill of tomatoes this year, turning towards brussel sprouts is certainly not considered a consolation prize. These little cabbages are a happy transition to richer, heavier foods. Here’s the first seasonal combination, thrown together in a rush last night. This mash mish has served to prepare my palate for a delicious season ahead.

Serves 4

The sweetness of Delicata Squash and saltiness of bacon is a great combination and screams for Syrah.

1 tsp olive oil
2 pieces thick cut bacon
1 ½ pounds brussel sprouts, trimmed and quartered or halved, depending on size
3 garlic cloves, smashed & minced
1 medium delicata squash, peeled, seeded and cubed
1 can red beans, well rinsed
4 links smoked Kielbasa sausage*- either Polish or Hungarian style, thickly sliced on a bias.
Cook bacon over medium heat in a frying pan with oil. While bacon is cooking, put sprouts in the microwave (covered with a damp paper towel) and cook til tender, about three minutes. Cook squash in the microwave (covered with a damp paper towel) until tender, about 4 minutes.

When bacon is crisp, remove from pan, pour off all but 1 Tbsp of fat and as the pan begins to smoke, add the sprouts. When they begin to brown, add garlic and squash. Add sausage and beans and cook until sausage is hot.

*Note: this sausage was fully cooked upon purchase from the Smokehouse in Saugerties. If you start with raw sausage, cook it in the bacon fat after the bacon is removed from the pan. Remove sausage when cooked, and continue with the brussel sprouts.

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