Strategic Dining℠ is Like a Game of Basketball…No, Really!

There are many components that go into successful Strategic Dining℠. Not only is it important to master table top navigation, incorporate conversation while trying to eat your food, and understand the roles of the host and the guest, it’s also essential to be aware of environment.

Have you ever noticed how a basketball player has an innate sense of where his team mates are as well as his opponents? Well, during a business meal, it’s important to be aware of what’s going on around you. Be aware of your space, and manage it actively.

When dining at one of my favorite restaurants, a scenario that I always speak about, unfortunately, once again came true. The tiny Brooklyn neighborhood spot was packed. Conversation in the dining room was lively, the wait staff was moving briskly, and the energy in the room was electric.

I’d finished my appetizer and was eagerly awaiting a killa’ pasta dish, when the dining room was stunned into silence. All eyes darted to a runner, who had dropped a full tray of food! The only person more mortified than the poor guy was the woman whose purse was carelessly tossed into the aisle, which was the cause of the runner’s spill.

The take away: Tuck in at the meal table. As winter inevitably approaches check your coat upon arrival at a restaurant. Walking into a dining room unencumbered is powerful and confident. If you don’t check your brief case/back pack/oversized bag with your coat, tuck the possession under your chair. Hanging bags on the back of your chair does no favors for the wait staff, as they need to get through tight aisles.

Environmental awareness is a habit that requires perpetual mindfulness. Like basketball players, the most successful are the most aware.

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