Morning Coffee Can Be Healthy AND Fun: Craft A Coffee Treat!

I wrote a version of this post 1 1/2 years ago, and still look forward to my morning coffee made in this fashion every day. In my attempt to improve on good ideas, I’ve updated the ritual below by adding a teaspoon of organic cocoa powder to my coffee grinds. Not only does this deliver a luxurious mocha flavor, it also adds 2% of the daily fiber the USDA suggests to a morning routine at the price of 5 calories. Great investment!

Written March 21, 2011: I love my morning coffee. Part of this fondness is the actual coffee ritual. I inhale deeply as I grind my own combination of organic beans. Love to see that tan frothy head form when the hot water is added to the grinds of the french press. I even luxuriate by warming a mug with a shot of hot water while the coffee is steeping for that eternal four minutes.

Another morning treat: doctoring my fresh black coffee with half and half and turbino sugar- until last month, that is. I started thinking about “base hits to better health” as my commitment of 2011.

I realized I could turn a morning spurge into a veritable health drink in two easy moves.

  • First, I began substituting local honey for the raw brown sugar. Great improvement in health, no sacrifice of flavor.
  • Then I traded in organic non-fat milk for the rich half and half. Texture is part of flavor, and fat free milk is skinny on the fat AND thin on the palate. it just wasn’t good.

So I made a big move: I invested in the “game changer”, the $13, battery operated, aerolatte whisk. This turns that thin, watery milk into a thick cappuccino foam.

First, I pop a big old mug with milk into the microwave for about 30 seconds. Next, I’m my own private barrista. I whip that milk, and add the coffee poured over the spoon of honey to incorporate the honey into the coffee.

Raw honey, with all of those magical qualities and allergy taming properties, plus non-fat organic milk introducing vitamin D, protein and calcium into my body first thing in the morning IS a smart start. Much wiser than consuming a quarter of my daily allowance of saturated fat with a rich drink that can double as dessert.

And since caffeine has been proven to improve a person’s attitude- if consumed in moderation of a cup a day- I’m now kickin’ off my day with a health food drink!

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