My Very Own Guinea Pig

When I write and speak about Base Hits to Better Health℠, I am not offering a diet plan. There are no magical solutions to prevent lifestyle diseases. The simple truth behind my dining philosophy is that illnesses associated with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity are exacerbated by the fat, sodium, and sugar we ingest, specifically through processed foods.

By addressing your mindset, and committing to eat real foods, you can enjoy decadence, without the worry of disappointing your GP. I speak from experience. I have my own study- of one- and the outcome is quite exciting.

My fiancé, Michael, joined me in life in 2007. As of his physical in 2005, his cholesterol was 255. His family has a history of high cholesterol and diabetes.

Michael’s cholesterol dropped to 218 in 2010. In March 2012 his cholesterol came in at 155. That’s a 100 point drop since 2005, with no medication.

Here are some fascinating facts:


Michael now begins his day with nuts and chocolate.


My mouth doth water!

Serrano in moderation is good for the body and the soul!




We eat cured meats and artisanal cheese from Murray’s as part of our nightly feast about 3 nights a week.




Super Food to the rescue!

Supergrain! High in protein, low in calories, high in fiber.

Our diet is heavy on quinoa, white beans & chick peas, broccoli rape, sweet potatoes, and seasonal fruits & vegetables.

I send Michael to work a few days a week with whole grain and vegetable leftovers from the night before.




We sip (drink) wine daily.

We do not drink soda.




A plain roasted Murray’s chicken is special treat, indeed!

We avoid commercial beef/lamb/chicken- opting for grass fed beef, local lamb, and Murray’s chicken (no relation to Murray’s cheese)

Homemade Pizza

Not Health Food: But Healthful

The commercially processed foods we eat are an occasional slice of pizza and Lay’s potato chips (3 ingredients: potatoes, oil, salt)



bacon, beans and beet greens: WOW!

Kids can’t even tell the difference between regular and whole wheat pasta

We eat whole wheat pasta; except for when his mom makes lasagna (about 4 times a year – GREAT lasagna!)



Chorizo, Tomatoes, Tofu, and Beluga Lentils: A taste of heaven!


We love burgers- once a month

Michael loves his chorizo!




We indulge in Moo Moo’s ice cream once a week during the summer

Fast food and chain restaurants are never an option.





What healthful changes can you make today?

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