A Modern Challenge.

In today’s technological age, we feel we must always be connected. We carry our computers with us everywhere in the form of smart phones. We can give and receive information 24/7. We don’t miss a beat!

Recently, I had motivation to disconnect. I was practicing for a presentation but was not totally focused because there were a couple of pieces of bad news I was expecting. I couldn’t zero in on the information I’d be presenting because I was half waiting for an email or a phone call.

So I unplugged! I closed my email accounts, turned off my phone, and immediately felt great! Free! Laser sharp in focus. Energized.

I related it to a passage from a great author. In his book, Airframe, Michael Crichton describes the depleting effect of a television. The first time I read it, I knew it was for me. He explains through the voice of Amos that televisions are full of color and action, and when he turns his off, he ‘gets his life back’.

It made perfect sense when I read it, and now, I see great power and benefit from unplugging. Being untouchable for one day each week.

I challenge you to unplug too, and realize 24/7 connectedness is exhausting, not necessarily empowering.

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2 Responses to A Modern Challenge.

  1. lola franco says:

    it’s why i have a stupid phone. but even still, i’m addicted.

  2. admin says:

    Try to turn it off tonight. It’s Friday, no work to worry about. Feel the freedom, break the addiction!

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