Flexitarian Philosophy

Aunt Belle is a young 94: and is a wise, WISE woman!

The key to a successful life is flexibility. This is not where the term ‘Flexitarian’ comes from, but this current ‘diet’ practice does fall into that philosophy. The actual tie-in between long life and flexibility was revealed when octogenarians were asked about their secrets to a long and happy life. Being flexible was a common answer. But I digress.

A Flexitarian has created an ‘and’’ world situation- as a part time vegetarian. A ‘beginner’ Flexitarian has 2 meatless days a week. An ‘all in flex’ enjoys meat 2 days a week. When I began reading about this ‘part-time vegetarian’ diet, I felt a sense of relief and elation.

Generally, I prioritize my food choices with a trio of goals: rich nutritional value, wholesome ingredients, and local sourcing. But in reading about the ‘flex plan’, I realized that a fourth aspect of choice comes into my philosophy- protein source. I AM a card carrying carnivore, my motto is: “everything tastes better with bacon”. But I also am a spiritual person who wants to respect the life around me: our planet itself and other beating hearts.

By cutting down on meat consumption – currently about 180 pounds per American each year, we can trim the insane amount of greenhouse gas emissions generated by worldwide livestock farming.

According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 18% of the planet’s greenhouse gas emissions are the result of farming. For perspective– all the world’s trains, planes, automobiles… and boats account for a combined 13% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Can my two days a week- meat free- affect the longevity and health of the planet? After all, I eat about half of the nation’s per-person average consumption of meat; my protein intake relies heavily on quinoa and legumes. I’ve always rooted for base hits in life, not home runs, so I say- yes!

Flexitarian-ism: good for my health, respectful of the earth, and one step more extreme in respecting the animal that feeds me. I will appreciate an accent of protein instead of devouring a 16oz Rib Eye slab of beef- and everyone benefits!

What are your thoughts about Flexitarian-ism?

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2 Responses to Flexitarian Philosophy

  1. lola says:

    haven’t thought about it that way. some days, i just don’t like the way meat makes me feel. lately, the look of ground beef makes me gag. so i’ve become a flexitarian. i just didn’t know there was a name for it.

  2. admin says:

    You followed your intuition, you’re doing something that’s healthy for you AND you’re quite hip. That’s a hat trick.

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