Wishing You A Healthy New Year!

The New Year brings me to focusing on my goals. I’m human, after all!

Goal for the Goldie’s Table Matters blog:

“I commit to sharing with everyone who wants to listen -or read- insights from three areas spanning professional and personal life. Besides my offerings in the areas of Professional Development and Wine Education & Events (for business and for pleasure), I want to become a partner in your commitment to living more healthfully.”

Here’s my motivation…
In 1996, there was no U.S. State that had an obesity rate over 20% (obesity in this case is defined as above 30 on the BMI index). Just 16 years later, there is not a single state that has an obesity rate UNDER 20%. What’s more, 12 of our states have an obesity rate above 30%.

…and the method to the madness:
If I were elected president, I’d outlaw soft drinks, fast food, and most things on grocery store shelves and in grocery store freezers. While my nationwide approval rates were still high, I’d also pass a law mandating families eat together, without the television on.
Since I won’t be running for president this election year, my ideas will have little impact on the nation’s consumption trends. But what I do have the power to accomplish is to inspire those who are interested to avoid becoming a statistic. I offer instruction in these categories to improve your everyday healthfulness:

• An eye-opening education in regard to the shrewd marketing employed at grocery stores.
• Ideas and recipes to enable you to cook some basic quick & healthful dishes and steer away from prepared/processed foods.
• Techniques to be mindful of what you eat while you’re eating.
• Encouragement to forego 30 minutes of TV or web surfing to do something good for yourself… like take a walk! Newark, NJ Mayor Cory Booker is even devoted to this concept with his Let’s Move! Newark Challenge.

No prepared food diets. No cleanses. No fads. I will merely offer valuable suggestions as to how to eat and enjoy real food while weaving in some low-cost, low-impact exercise to your daily life.

I look forward to sharing tips, facts, and recipes to help you achieve your wellness goals. And please, feel free to share as well. Any feedback will be posted anonymously, unless you prefer otherwise.

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