Being a Regular

I was entertaining an out of town guest last night. She mentioned an interest in dining at a restaurant in a particular high profile restaurant group. I called the one restaurant in the group I have a relationship with and scored a last minute reservation. I’ve dined at this spot about a dozen times and have chatted with one of the managers during a couple of these visits.

My guest and I were led to one of the best tables in the house, a table for four for the two of us. After our appetizer, our server asked if we had any time restrictions; the house wanted to send us an extra course.

When Jason, my “contact” at the restaurant came over and mentioned a topic we were speaking about during my last visit, my guest realized why we were receiving all of this special treatment. She was duly impressed.

Now, there are some restaurants that are aggressive about their “regulars”. All have the opportunity to keep client profiles. I have no doubt Jason recognized me, looked under my reservation at the notes he had made after our last conversation and voila!

You, as a guest can take many steps to become a regular. Being a regular adds great enjoyment to a meal when dining with friends and family. This position can work to your advantage in business situations.

Few things are as impressive as being recognized by name. Goldie’s Table Matters offers seminars in strategic business dining; learn how to become a regular!

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